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About us

Welcome to Voneinem – we are a Working Line German Shepherd dog kennel located just north of Brisbane, Queensland.

Our acreage property is setup for training at all levels, including a designated area for protection work, an obedience and agility field, a large dam for swimming and exercising, and approx 4 acres designated just for tracking. 

We are long time owners, trainers and breeders of Working Line German Shepherds.

Due to the popularity of the working line GSD, its now becoming continually harder to find top quality working line German Shepherds here in Australia. 

We are registered breeders and members of;

* Dogs Queensland

* NSW German Shepherd Dog League

* German Shepherd Dog Club of Queensland 

Breeding Philosophy

Our aim is to breed working line German Shepherds that are harder – better – faster – stronger’

This is why we only breed when we have found a combination of proven working lines that will in turn produce another generation of the highest quality working line German Shepherds available. 

We breed our dogs for; 

  • Sound body;
  • Sound mind;
  • High but balanced drives;
  • Stable temperaments and thick nerves;
  • Strong work ethic and constitution;
  • Trainability and an inherent desire to work and please their owners.

Training Philosophy

We train our personal dogs in Security/Personal Protection work, IPO dog sport, tracking, man trailing and scent detection work. Our dogs are trained under real life conditions involving real world scenarios.

Our dogs (and their progeny) are highly intelligent, possess high but balanced drives and are suitable for multiple working dog pursuits including; 

  • Dog sports, (including IPO, tracking, agility, obedience);
  • Personal and family protection;
  • Security, law enforcement, corrections and military work; and
  • Search and Rescue (SAR). 

Our dogs have blood lines that have a proven working background both here in Australia and overseas.

Here at Voneinem we keep our lines strong, desirable and ever evolving. 

 Please contact us to express your interest in our next litter.


Contact Details

Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Email : [email protected]

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