Current Litters/For Sale - updated Aug 2017

Pups Available

LITTER ANNOUNCEMENT- pups expected end of August 2017.

Both Sire and Dam are PROVEN working dogs, not just bred from working line dogs that have NEVER actually worked. 

Sire - Voneinem Rocket (aka PD Rocket) - operational Police Dog with QLD Police Service.

Rocket is the son of Vondenaero Cornelius (aka Deuce) - producer of multiple Police, Military and Corrective Services dogs across numerous agencies within Australia. 

Dam - Hiperion Avara (aka Ava) - who has produced several of her own operational police dogs sons with both QPS and WAPOL dog squads (PD's Finn and Raptor), and now has two operational police dog grandsons with QPS (PD's Brocky and Bally).

This litter is line bred 4-5 on Ellute.

I expect substantial size, high drives, thick nerves and excellent temperaments from this litter. With pups suitable to most working applications and as family guardians. 

Pups will be available on Mains by request

***Puppy farmers and known dog re-sellers need not bother emailing***






Contact Details

Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Email : [email protected]