Working Dog Training

Working dog training is often a topic of much debate.

Which type of training is right?

Which is type of training is wrong?

All we will say is this;

**Your dog should be trained to meet your needs, not someone else's.

**Find a dog trainer or dog club that meets your requirements.

At Voneinem we do not promote dogs with unstable temperaments or dogs with uncontrolled aggression, nor do we condone harsh training methods which may promote such behaviors. 

Working line German Shepherds can be used for a variety of purposes including (but not limited to);

*Law enforcement/prison work;

*Scent detection, explosives, drugs and other contraband;

*Search and Rescue (SAR);

*Family protection;

*Tracking sports; 

*Dog sports including IPO, Agility and Flyball and;

*Medical assistance dogs.

As such, working German Shepherds are generally highly driven, highly intelligent and require serious training and commitment in their given field, whether it be it law enforcement, IPO dog sport or family protection.

We recommend that anyone owning (or considering owning) a working line German Shepherd research and find an appropriate dog trainer or dog club, that meets your needs.

Your dog must meet your needs not someone else's. Your dog must be able to adapt to your lifestyle and behave/work within those boundaries.

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